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Alice on the Wondertrain

Alice on the Wondertrain is coming to Mid-Norfolk Railway EASTER 2024.

The theatrical team behind MNR's The Polar Express Train Ride bring you a brand new immersive theatrical experience for all ages, where audiences are
immersed in the fantastical story and meet the array of marvellous characters
from Alice in Wonderland as never before - by travelling on the Wondertrain.

Dates: 28, 29, 30, 31 March 2024.

Show Times, each day: 11am, 1pm and 3pm



Ticket Sales Launch early December 2023.

All details via 'Buy Tickets' link & shared on our social media pages.

Scroll down for FAQs.



Ticket launch early December 2023.

Contact us

For queries about

Alice on the Wondertrain,

please email:



We've put together some frequently asked questions

to help you when booking tickets for Alice on the Wondertrain:

  • When do I get my seat number/s?

  • When you arrive at the Box Office on the day.

  • How do I get my tickets?

  • They will be emailed to you directly upon booking. You can print them off or bring them on your phone/device so we can scan them at the Box Office.

  • How long is the event?

  • 1.5 hours, with the performance beginning at the station and then taking you onto the train for an hour as we travel on the Wondertrain.

  • When should I arrive at the Box Office? 

  • We recommend arriving 15 minutes before your show time to get checked in.

  • Can babies come to this event? 

  • Yes! Babies under 2 can ride free if seated on an adult's lap. If you would like to have a seat for your baby also please purchase a ticket for them too.

  • I have someone I would like to bring with SEND needs, are they able to come?

  • Absolutely! at Twisted Reality we are passionate about making immersive theatrical experiences inclusive of SEND audiences. If you have any special requirements which aren't answered on the booking page - please email and we can respond to your specific query.

  • I have someone in my group who is autistic and gets over-stimulated at times, will there be anywhere they can go should this be needed during the train ride to have a moment outside of the show?

  • Yes, we can get to the vestibule safely which is the space between the train carriages which offers less noise and a space away from so many people. Just let us know if this is needed during the show. We also include lots of sensory elements in our work to cater for autistic audience members.

  • Will the train move? 

  • Oh yes! The Wondertrain will be travelling for an hour.

  • Will there be toilets on the train? 

  • Yes, though we recommend all audience members who need to use the toilets at the station prior to boarding so you don't miss any of the show.

  • Is the railway suitable for guests with disabilities?

  • Whilst MNR is a heritage railway, we aim to try and accommodate those with disabilities as best as we can. All our platforms are surfaced to be easy to walk on. Do please be aware there are some areas where the surface is slightly uneven.

  • Are there disabled toilets available?

  • Yes, we have toilets available for our disabled guests. Should you wish to use the facilities please ask a member of staff who will be happy to guide you to them.

  • Can wheelchair users board the train whilst in their wheelchair?

  • No, British Rail sadly didn’t build the doorways wide enough for wheelchairs on most coaches. However, we can assist you from wheelchair onto the train and into seat if this suits your requirements - just add it to your requests when booking and / or send us an email at

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