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Bookable Shows 2022

Have a browse through our show catalogue below. We have a variety of shows to suit different needs, to cater for various audiences and venues, and we love the opportunity to make our events more personal to you wherever possible.



(Street Theatre Show)

Twisted Reality (in association with Rabo de Foguete) brings new energy to this tale through an exciting unpredictability. Using intoxicating music, rapturous comedy, and powerful physical theatre, they offer a new allegory for a soldier’s return from war.


Join Ulysses on his epic journey following the fall of Troy.  Having angered the Gods, he is cursed to face a world of challenges, monsters and distractions as he battles to return home.  Meanwhile, his wife Penelope battles the demons of isolation and loneliness, not knowing whether her husband will ever return.


This show tours as a piece of Street Theatre, but is adaptable for school bookings - perfect to accompany study of the Ancient Greeks.

For prices enquire directly.

Travellers of the Tide

(Sensory Theatre for SEND audiences)

Available for school bookings from Spring 2022.

For prices enquire directly - 'show only' and 'show + workshop' packages available.

Travellers of the Tide is a sensory theatre show for S.E.N.D children and adults. The piece was commissioned for Parkside School in Norwich in 2020, and is now open for bookings in SEND schools throughout the UK. The show is immersive and interactive, with many different sensory elements - from sensational smells, to intriguing sounds, to powerful images - catering for the widest variety of learning difficulties and special needs. At the heart of this show is our belief that theatre should be for everyone, and we use the most innovative techniques to make that possible.


An Evening at Fawlty Towers

(Dinnertime Theatre)

Perfect for hotels and corporate events.

For prices enquire directly - Prices vary depending on venue needs, capacity & marketing.

Ever wanted to spend an evening being berated by Basil, whilst Manuel’s catalogue of failures grows ever-longer, with Sybil trying desperately to keep everything on track?


This package will make you feel like you truly are a guest at Fawlty Towers, as you watch everything unravel around you. If you love Fawlty Towers, or just adore live theatre, then this entertainment package is the one for you.


This event is led by top quality character actors, highly skilled in bringing these iconic characters to life. It can be adapted to meet your needs - whether you want the entertainment to take place around a 2 or 3 course dinner, or if you would like it to happen in a more traditional 2-act show format.

Murder Mystery

(Dinnertime Theatre)

We have 2 bookable packages:

2 actor package (for groups of 5 - 20)

Perfect for dinner parties, and special occasions.

For prices enquire directly.

Get glammed up 1920s style and strap yourselves in for a truly immersive evening as you unpick your way through riddles, lies and deceit in order to unmask the murderer.


The event is led by two professional actors, designed to be enjoyed around a 2 or 3 course dinner, and sees all your guests involved throughout the unfolding events.


An evening of excellent entertainment, high comedy and intriguing interaction awaits. 

5 actor package (for groups of 15+)

Perfect for corporate events, dinner parties and special occasions. For prices enquire directly.

This show promises excellent performances, the most alluring of characters played by five professional actors and hilarious scenes, to fully immerse you in the world of the play as you endeavour to solve the mystery. The show is performed to you while you dine, and gives the audience the choice to get involved as much as they wish (you are welcome to encourage your guests to dress up), or just sit back, relax and enjoy the entertainment. 

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